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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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7/28/2004 new music uploaded finally!
my last post got deleted and I don't feel like typing it all over!

Rodenburg Productions Presents... Spring 2004 Best Of Compilation
the second in a series documenting Columbia's experimental rock/folk/metal/terrible/dance scene; lovingly compiled by one Cooper Crain aka Daryl Rodenburg aka the guy from One Inch Punch/The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous/Warhammer 48k/et al aka the Maneater's Best Local Musician 2004, Editor's Pick; featuring Cat Jams artists/friends/CEOs.

Jerusalem and the Starbaskets – "011001001101001" 3:27 3.2m
The Pows – "totally Isaac!!!" 3:07 2.9m
Monte Carlos – "Uncomfortable Space" 2:32 2.4m
Warhammer 48K – "Accidental Ultrasound Abortion" 3:55 3.6m
Nightmare Sisters – "We don't go in the woods" 5:01 4.6m
the Exempt – "ENMITY" 3:32 3.3m
Whitesnake – "the Lily of the West" (longer version) 6:15 5.8m
Hush Arbors – "colors bright" 6:11 5.7m
Oh*Yeah – "and no one can hear you for miles... in the dark... in the night" 7:16 6.7m
Jerusalem and the Starbaskets – "ALL the reasons" 3:50 3.6m
the Pows – "the fury of the Matador" 5:46 5.3m
Nightmare Sisters – "teachers must learn" (longer version) 2:35 2.4m
Warhammer 48K – "Citizen Pain" 4:22 4.1m
Jerusalem and the Starbaskets – "(columbia anthem)" 2:02 1.9m
Hush Arbors – "the mountains remain" 2:33 2.4m
Tittyfuck Jubilee – "I've got the Schizophreenia Blues" 2:01 1.9m
Jon Sheffield – "Ya'll do the gather now, yes?" 3:31 3.3m
Jon Sheffield – "Ozbort" 3:30 3.3m
bonus web track: Chilam Balam – "Jagwire (abandoned demo)" 4:26 4.1m

editor's note: the Exempt are fucking awesome live! It's just a drummer and a guitarist with a pedal sampler, accompanying himself, and they just fucking kick out all these Fucking Champs type time signature fluxin' instrumetal jams, just like bam bam bam. When I saw them, they were both dressed really boring, and just looked like 'here I am playing this unbelievably awesome music, dum de do,' and when it was over, they just unplugged their shit and got a beer. Because the Exempt is all about results. I guess, I only talked to them a little bit.

Animal Family, Folk You!: Awesome Bsides & remixes
a continuous mp3 of the unreleased companion album to Animal Family's February 2003 retrospective release I Was Sad A Lot. The numbers indicate order of creation, and fill in I Was Sad A Lot's gaps; a1 and a2 by my friend Mike Tidwell using system sounds and that terrible Sound Recorder program in the Start>Accessories>Entertainment folder in Windows 95; all others made by me with somewhat better software (Soundedit 16) and inversely better skillz.

a1 Empty Ears (Mike Tidwell) 0:12
07 Untitled 0:17
04 Mr. Novascotion 0:18
29 Skank Theme 0:19
05 Surnaschee Simple 0:40
a2 Getty's Sleep (Mike Tidwell) 0:50
03 Fan! Fan! Fan! 1:00
02 Big Lee-Bu 1:00
33 No 1:00
16 The Breakfast Gallery 1:04
28 Untitled 2 1:12
32 Candle People 1:24
10 Feelings 1:28
15 99 1:39
22 Animal Kingdom 1:51
14 Snap Your Fingers 1:57
17 A Bad Mother 2:00
19 Love Song 2:00
06 Cough Mono 2 2:09
40 Fraction Pack 2:10
42 Compton Giveaway 2:11
18 Plink-Hop! 3:00
20 Special Friends 3:44
13 Teen Energy 6:13

I like seeing a cassette half-smashed in the gravel on the side of a highway, with the magnetic tape all unfurling and skittering across the road and getting caught in the grass in the ditch, and people driving by really fast and kind of wondering what was on the tape for a second. That's what I was typing about in the post that got deleted, because Whitesnake (me doing folk songs on a circuitbent synth guitar and trying to sing regular re: the new Rodenburg compilation, not the '80s hairmetal band) is intending to release a tape on Rodenburg this fall, and I was saying "Look for Whitesnake me tape this fall blah blah, or look for Whitesnake hairmetal band tape on the side of a highway etc." in case you were wondering.

Next on the uploading agenda: James Harvey's Cat Jams megaantimix, RAVVEO))) Inexact, some embarrasing I Love Yous demos, some Swamp Fuck bsides (if you can imagine that), this one track about cookies.


7/26/2004 I just changed my name to Satchmo
i mean Cat Jams Label.

The last Pows show will be at Maude Vintage on Saturday, August 21, in the evening.

James Harvey has finished his Cat Jams mega-antimix! Whoa! The forty-minute, five track free sampler will be hitting Columbia stores and vineyards as soon as we press them and make sleeves and things like that. Look for it to show up on the mp3s page before or around then. Digiki is now working hard, or possibly hardly working, on installation 2 in the series. Hooray!

Re: Experimental music telephone game thing at Sparky's Ice Cream, 7/22
from Comomusic: It went really well! We ended up calling it Operator, and had a good turnout (for Sparky's), including people I don't know -- always encouraging for me -- and more people wandering by outside asking what the hell was going on with the insane screaming people. About fifteen people actively participated over the course of the evening. I cut the time per song down to two mintues, and the time for setup down to until my watch got to an even minute, so we got done a lot quicker than we expected, but oh well.

Ryan did some awesome video mixing of self-shot footage -- old people standing next to giant Big Boy statues, teenage cowboys doing the cabbage patch, live video feed & feedback, etc. I think he decided not to try to recreate the same mix each time, but to go ahead with the tangent he was on, which worked out.

The musicians were all impressively non-musical, and everyone seemed to go for the instrument they were least familiar with. I keep forgetting that if you throw a bunch of non-musicians on stage with a bunch of non-functional instruments and no time to prepare, they won't magically make a beautifully crafted slice of life-changing pop music. But we did discover that Columbia has some incredible screamers! Mark Speckman, Ogechi Anyanwu, and Katie Larson all kicked out the horrible gutteral hollering screams, whereas Emily Hemeyer did some beautiful operatic singing and I did a chilling cover of Freebird.

I don't know if I'll be able to organize future versions of this event, but I hope other people will take the initiative. Next time, I'd recommend a better sound setup -- I was only able to round up one amp, for the microphone, and the synth drums kind of drowned out the toy keyboards, detuned acoustic guitar, and cup full of Reese's. It would also be nice to have a better system for randomly determining who plays when; the best we came up with was to have everyone in the crowd who wanted to play hold up their hands before the round, hand open or closed, and then to flip a coin -- heads, open hands, tails, fists. Thi was good, and got a range of 0 to 10 people per round, but I'd like to see something pre-issued, so people know which round to watch and think in their heads how to cover it. Perhaps having the first song be a real song would also lead to more interesting things; much as I love noise, it can get monotonous after a while. And a larger group of people would be good too, of course.

Maybe someone can book a night of Operator at a more usual venue in town, and guilt some local bands into confirming their presence as participants, with everyone else also welcome? I think silly instruments definitely help non-musicians feel comfortable participating, but I'd be interested in hearing some forced structure/musicality in the mix, and then to hear it get drowned out.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Como rulz 2004 hard

7/21/2004 hooravveo))) for sparky's
Experimental music telephone game thing at Sparky's Ice Cream, 7/22 ††[ Block Author ] ††
Date:†††07-21-04 13:59

9:00 pm, Thursday 7/22, @ Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream (9th St):

Cat Jams / Pedestrian Theater / Ryan Wiley /The Society Of People Who Think Coldstone Creamery Sucks (TSOPWTCCS) present:

a weird band telephone game thing. You know, like that game where you get a whole bunch of people in a circle, and one person whispers something to the person beside them, and it gets repeated all the way around the circle, at which point it's a completely different phrase.

The rules:
If you want to participate, show up w/ or w/o instrument/musicality and draw a number. Everyone with number 1 goes up first and plays whatever they feel like for three minutes. Ryan Wiley provides live video mixing. Then, one minute of setup time for group 2, who cover group 1's song. Ryan covers his previous mixing job. Group 3 covers group 2, group 4 covers group 3, etc. We can fit 15 sets inside the hour.

Some conventional instruments and wacky noise objects will be provided. Excellent fresh-made ice cream will be for sale. Admission is free. The more people that show up, the better a show it will be. You are invited!


hooravveo))) for blog tools!
Notice something new? I finally redid the news section! Don't worry, as you can see, the terrible site design is still here. But now I can add news posts via email and you can leave literate, well-reasoned comments about in the handy popup window (which is kind of slow, just be patient). I am very happy.

Here are the last of the hand-crafted news updates, which for some reason are reacting weirdly to their new html environment. Oh well.

07/13/04 let's reconnoiter in a non-sequential way:
  • thanks very much to Scott and Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream for hosting the Radish Wizard CD Release Party Featuring RAVVEO))). Attendees of the free show were treated to: whimsical homemade cakes; a video documenting the cats, stuffed animals, and dorks who made the cakes, played under the Radish Wizard album; and the second and final performance by RAVVEO))), a Cat Jams supergroup featuring members of the Pows, Swamp Fuck, Sarbochron, and Hussy Hussy, improvisationally accompanying messed-up MIDI versions of popular dance hits with drone guitar, synth drums, vocoder, recorder, and the 'guh' synth drum, while wearing Revolutionary War clothing and bellowing incomprehensibly about a pudding train. The performance was viedotaped by Steve of Svengali Studios. Thanks Steve!
    As originally planned, recordings of RAVVEO)))'s two performances (the previous one was on KCOU's Eight Miles High, thanks Trypmaker) have been combined into one supra-live recording (one show in the left headphone, the other in the right), thanks to the identical MIDI backing track. However, the first attempt to sync them with inferior software led to what is now referred to as the 'inexact version'; I think I've figured out how to use Protools and make an 'exact version'. I will then release both. Packaging will be based around the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, respectively, probably. I will upload the inexact version to here soon.
  • The Pows are now officially and quietly breaking up. They're booked for a farewell show at Maude Vintage, site of their first real show back in summer 2002 (when they played with Corey the Emo Stand-Up Comedian and the Eatting C.H.i.P.S. w/ Süëzën in their farewell performance). No date has yet been set, but I'll let you know. Exciting new projects are in the works already, but they're still big secrets, I think.
  • The Lesch Nyhan Syndrome released their official debut retrospective on Cat Jams, but have not yet had an official release show. LNS is a side-/pre-project of Columbian indie-rock royalty the Kingdom Flying Club (of Emergency Umbrella) whose creation myth is weirdly similar to Swamp Fuck's: bored irritated college dropout-ish friends recording intentionally terrible adlib songs over many sessions and years, forgetting about it, and eventually remembering and compiling a best-of. Except Matt and Jarrett (LNS) were doing it five years or something before Gregg and I (SF), and they used a four-track, not a school tape recorder. Upon learning of this, I was struck by our deep spiritual brotherhood, and had no choice but to release their album with the pride and dignity it deserves. Now available for sale (in a store, let's say Maude) or free download.
  • My friend and fellow cdr mogul Digiki is hosting a remix un-contest for his relatively star-studded 2003 FR/JP release Kitchen. The due date is... now, I think. Well, I'm sure he'll take late entries, he's such a nice guy (who is currently busy with other things anyway) Camp Cat Jams has entries coming in from Sarbochron, the Diet Soda Supertsars, Channing Kennedy, and MC Cat Genius, some of which have actual been worked on. Compadres Tanuki and James Harvey have also actually finished theirs because they are big showoffs.
  • Cat Jams is very fortunate to have motivated young people for friends! I hatched a plan to have my international DJ friends do super-fucked-up DJ mix tapes of CJ material to use as free promo discs, and casually mentioned it to Digiki (FR) and James Harvey (UK), and they were all over it. James even has a couple tracks finished already. Don't you have a job, James? I also intend to ask Tanuki (UK), Tokyo Fun Party (JP), and Fashion Flesh (MI) (America is a country!). So guys, if you read this, let me know. Or I could email you. But I'm shy.
  • The new Rodenburg compilation, Rodenburg Productions Presents: Spring 2004 Best of Compilation, is in stores now! It includes hot new tracks from the Pows, (my new folk-on-prepared-synth-guitar project) Whitesnake, long-lost Cat Jammer Tittyfuck Jubilee, and other fantastic local bands whom I love. I will upload it soon, but you should also buy it; it's cheap, and the first run comes in a homemade cloth case.
  • I want to do a front page redesign, using frames and a blog-type news interface for easy updates and comments. Coming Soon. I Hope.

05/19/04 For some reason I never officially mentioned the fine article Jay Kirby (the Maneater music guy) wrote about the I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous' breakup. In addition to being fine, it is also exclusive to Cat Jams. Enjoy ithere, on the I Love Yous' public-access livejournal (post dumb crap anonymously! password ognat69).

Also, I updated thePows &I Love Yous pages.

05/14/04 Please note: the Pows show at the Lemp Arts Center in St. Louis on June 10th will be with Glass Candy and Jet Black, not Glass Candy and Nightmare Sisters.

05/10/04 new live Pows track, from the March 13 Pro-Choice Pro-Fashion Show, on themp3s page.
Also: who keeps coming to this page by doing a Google search of my /secret/ directory? For the last month, this site has gotten more referring hits from a search for "intitle:index.of.secret" than from anything or anywhere else. Why? I'm not mad or anything, I just wonder who you are, and why you don't bookmark the me and tell me?

05/08/04The Lesch Nyhan Syndrome'sSterile Hero and Radish Wizard'sBear Witness to the Lameagesty are now available for full download on themp3s page. A word about Radish Wizard: since the album is done entirely in MIDI, the original MIDI files are what's available for download. These are the same MIDI files that are on the individually hand-decorated 3.25" floppy that comes with each of the album's first pressing of 30, and the exact same files that were rendered onto the audio disc, BUT since all computers are different, they may not sound exactly the same on your computer as on the album. Tite.

Here's some news I forgot to post when it came out:
The Maneater/Move names the Pows 'Best Local Band, Editors' Pick' (congratulations tothe Doxies for snagging Readers' Pick) (& check out Maude's mention)
Channing & Sabrina get profiled in the Missourian/Vox's '30 Under 30'
Maneater: The ILYBINILWYs and the Pows make 1 & 2, respectively, on Jay Kirby's Best Local Music list

05/05/04 Okay, so the Pows are not breaking up. Never mind. They had an awesome show in Chicago on the 1st -- thanksHunter andKate for hooking it up! And they had another awesome show at Mojo's on the 3rd. I still can't really hear. Thanksthe Ssion,Blood on the Walls, andEnon for making music afterwards!
Also: here'sphotos (andhere, with captions) from the ILYs' final show (thanks Lorri);
andthe Lesch Nyhan Syndrome site is up! And with it! And really nice to look at! I didn't makethe actual site, in case you can't tell.

05/01/04 Sorry no updates lately; the last month has been crazy, what with all the Sabrina and I buying a house, RAVVEO))) forming and recording two shows for an upcoming hyper-live release, Gregg releasing his debut solo album as Radish Wizard and leaving for Japan, the I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous breaking up for real, the Pows also calling it quits, and, uh... Wacky Packs... anyway, I just got Rodenburg Productions'Fall 2003 Best Of Compilation online -- check it out at the bottom of themp3s page.
In other news: that ILYs/Fall show happened on 4/28, except the Fall cancelled. It was the real last ILYs show ever.Here is a review.

The Pows are playing in Chicago on 5/1 (see Dates below), and will be playing their final show ever at Mojo's on 5/3 with Blood on the Walls, the Ssion, and Enon. Please note that they will not be playing the Lemp Arts Center in STL on 6/10. What's the deal, bands? Oh well, new projects planned. Or maybe Cat Jams will regroup as a gulab jaman buffet house.

In release news: JAM-011, Radish Wizard'sBear Witness to the Lameagesty, came out on 4/21. On the horizon are JAM-010, the Lesch Nyhan Syndrome'sSterile Hero, and JAM-012, RAVVEO)))'sHOORAVVEO))) for RAVVEO))).

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