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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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8/30/2004 Warhammer 48K is a band
I've been getting a lot of hits on the site from people looking for Warhammer 48K. So, here is a Blogger post to help you learn more.

Warhammer 48K (ex-One Inch Punch, ex-The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous, ex-some othe people probably) is a band on Cooper Crain's Columbia MO-based Rodenburg Productions. Cooper Crain (voted Best Local Musician, Editor's Pick in Move Magazine's 2004 Best Of Columbia Awards) is also in the band because he is a multitasking bastard. Warhammer 48K has some songs on the Rodenburg Compilations that are good. They also made a cassette, or duped over and bloodied up some existing cassettes. One of the cassettes they brought down to the shop was formerly by Kennedy Rose, and I was touched.

a show review

Warhammer 48k September "Eat-it, hit-it and get-it" tour dates:

3- Lawrence, KS @Haunted Kitchen (1900 Louisianna)
4- Omaha, NE @O'Leavers
5- off/help
6- St. Paul, MN @Big V's
7- off/help
8- Duluth, MN @MAC's
9- Madison, WI @some house w/between the devil and the deep blue sea
10- Ann Arbor, MI @the BAD IDEAS house (807 n. main st.)
11- Columbus, OH @tba
13- Buffalo, NY @Mohawk Place
14- Boston, MA @Midway Cafe
15- off/help
16- Brooklyn, NY @the HOOK
17- off/help
18- Washington D.C. @house show
19- off/help
20- Richmond, VA @Nanci Raygun
21- Hampton, VA @tba
22- off/help
23- Asheville, NC @Green Eggs and Jam record store
24- off/help
25- Lexington, KY @tba
26- Hammond, IN @some radio studios (on-air set, and a performance in the back)
27- Detroit, MI @TrumbullPlex
28- Chicago, IL @tba
29- St. Louis, MO @LEMP arts center w/SkarekrauRadio & MOAB & there's a killer among us
30- Columbia, MO @Mojo's w/ no doctors & haunted house

for bookings, contact Cooper at
be a champ!

important notice
Things I would like for my 24th birthday, occuring this September 3rd:

this here DVD burner ($229)
Quicktime Pro ($30)
Enetation registered ($14)
my bike tuned up ($30?)
a big thing or two of chocolate Spirutein
a big jug of Naked Juice
homemade cookies
physical photos
fresh music & beats
pictures of animals wearing clothes
my office cleaned (thanks Emily!)
a recording of the show Digiki did with Pancaked vs. SMB
for you to see these wonderful photos Emily took at the Sparky's experimental music event
Cornelius' I Hate Hate / I Love Love 7" / an mp3 of the 12-minute version of Typewrite Lesson
anything in the mail

I already have one of these.

Real news soon.

8/23/2004 thank you
to everyone who attended and/or participated in Saturday night's Last Pows Show Ever (TM). I seriously think that it was the best event Maude has ever been host to -- even better than the Low Standards Freestyle Battle Slash CD Painting Party, or MC Cat Genius' Pokemon Party.

To those who couldn't make it, we had a huge crowd, much larger than was probably fire-safe, packed into the hot shopfront. I played my Pows retrospective movie (made mostly out of an Air Bud commercial), though unfortunately I couldn't get the TV to cooperate and had to just hook the laptop directly into the band's PA. I wanted to get it uploaded here today, but my computer chewed the fuck out of it and I've spent the last 12 hours reconstituting it. Maybe it'll still happen.

The band finally came on 'stage,' powerfully backlit behind a white curtain. A few opening riffs were played, curtain was dropped, and people's eyes adjusted to the last Pows performance ever. Except that it was actually our friends Lance and Liz, aka Tiny Pants, ripping through a rockin' set that covered the Pows' entire first album, in order, in costume (the Pows' actual clothes) and character. Zach's belly fell out after a while, but whatever. They kicked out the jams and very nearly remembered the names of the other unrepresented band members. They expanded the list of good things about Columbia geometrically. Tiny Pants, we salute you!

Anyway, I hope nobody was too disappointed. And yes, that really was the last Pows show. I'll post some pictures and etcuh when I get them.

Hasta la vista, Pows...

and so ended the chapter of Cat Jams Label having any real functioning bands on it.

8/18/2004 FINALLY!
I finished Pancaked!

Pancaked is a new track by my good friend and terrible DJ Digiki, a Frenchman currently non-touring Japan. He gave me this track a couple of months ago, saying that it was the only new piece of work saved from a firewire drive crash, and asked if Piccolo would be able to rap over it, which he of course was. And now, many weeks of procrastination and many (oh so many) late and early hours of work later, we are finished. I am going to go outside now and try to remember birds.

Digiki, "Pancaked (feat. MC Cat Genius, Sarbøchron, and Channing Kennedy)" 2:54 4.4M

instrumental (hot!)
vocal track (feel free to apply elsewhere and incorrectly)
these two are also useful if you feel like actually mixing the vocals correctly.

Pancaked (original track, different from the instrumental) 2:40 3.7M

added 10/28/04: the remixes
James Harvey's Pac Man Fever remix post
DJ Chavez's No Pancakes mix post

11/30/04: please refer to this post to find out how YOU can remix Pancaked! (plus that's the post that will be updated with, uh, updates)

PICCOLO Wrists. I was chilling at the ranch with Blanche and ranch dressing. I was giving it a chance on pancakes, and the next thing that I knew, my pancake had travelled to a dimension of goo and evil and it zapped me with goo. Now I'm an evil pancake too. I'm grayish and flat and square like a zero. I put fear of God into fairy-tale heros, like a buddy cop movie like Robert Deniro and a ferret who doesn't play by the rules either. Enjoy my selection of terrible syrups, because, boy, your complexion will finally clear up when my boysenberry burns off all your skin. For real. I fly around the world causing deeds of doom. I leave weird smells when I leave a room. I say lame things, like a free balloon. I'm really crumby, so you need a broom. I have a burnt oily assy smell. My flavor's cursed, and I'm here to tell, like a Digiki track, I'm boring as hell; I'm okay at first, and then, bitch, I'm pancaking.
CHANNING The evil pancake can break all the rules; eating Fast Breaks, getting mad cake in your pool, bringing hamsteak to a clambake because it's cool.
PICCOLO: Like asbestos McFlurries.
YOUNG FREEZ: Who's the best in Missouri?
PICCOLO: Sometimes I miss being the genius cat with the pig statuettes with the seasonal hats, but it's over now, and the reason for that is the hubris I exhibited, so think about that. I was on Elimidate and never got eliminated, because the other girls were lame and I shot them with lasers. The guy was okay; then his hotness degraded. I yelled at him, "Guess what, bitch, you're pancaking."
CHANNING The evil pancake.
PICCOLO Can break all the rules; like Jake Gyllenhall, no one cares what I do. Doesn't this sound like the music from Tekken 3, or "Like Whoa" by Mya?
YOUNG FREEZ Best. It's over now; that fake swallowed down that Cris. Make my Motorola blow up. They have; they wish. They money on the spot, three or four private yachts: that stuff to the ground. Now we're leaving the party in the Benz and the Jag.
SARBOCHRON That was A2Z, some local R&B kids. They worked with Ginuwine's lighting crew -- isn't that the shizz? Though they didn't come to my shop 'in the Jag and the Benz,' and they don't rap about shoplifting from local businesses. Boys, think of all of the plastic ladies Piccolo felt in your new yellow elastic '80s Mickey Mouse belt and the black blazer that we wouldn't split up from the pants. Then suck my dick. I hope you bitches learn to dance.
DIGIKI Yo, that's Digiki, yo.
PICCOLO You can microwave me tomorrow morning and I'll be very spongy.

I think the comments aren't working. Sorry. Okay, now they are.

8/17/2004 DON"T FORGET
The Pows will be playing their LAST SHOW EVER, this Saturday, August 21, 9:00 PM, at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes. This show will start On Time Probably, is Free, No Alcohol Please. A brief video retrospective presentation will begin the show.

WASP is in town too, I couldn't blame you for seeing them instead, but really I bet you could see both shows.

8/07/2004 Digiki vs. James Harvey vs. RAVVEO))) working together
Get ready to have your aural taste buds titillated and your olfactory eardrum mostly left alone! On the menu tonight is JAMES HARVEY, DIGIKI, AND RAVVEO))). I mean, James Harvey, Digiki, and RAVVEO))).

VA - Muy Neko - a D!G!K! Cat Jams records megamix
Intro - Jimmy calls Stephen - The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous
Our first love song - The Pows
Knocka, knocka - The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous
Clifton - Swamp Fuck
Capacity (featuring the Batrman Philarmonic) - The Lesch Nylan Syndrome
Back it up moma - The Pows
50 - Radish Wizard
Across the Americas - The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous
Cobra goes to a ska show - Swamp Fuck
I'm alone (grumblecakes mix) - The Lesch Nylan Syndrome
Imaginational figments - The Pows
Digimon: digital monster opening theme - Swamp Fuck
Save it for hat day - MC Cat Genius feat. Channing Kennedy
The nug shot me with his special guitar and I die - Swamp Fuck

James Harvey feat. The Catmaster Squad and the Rude Boy of Cats - Cat Jam Nation
a. It's Always Summer On The Moon
b. Shoplift and Die
c. Your Sister's Def
d. jadarikojadarikojadariko
e. I've Wasted My Life

p.s. don't check out James' other traxz unless you want to become cool and rich

RAVVEO))) - HooRAVVEO))) for RAVVEO)))
What is RAVVEO))), and is it terrible?
"Awesome judged by who? Why would anyone want to? It makes me think of people who aren't musically talented thinking they are, or untalented people wanting success in some musical venture so bad, that they'll fabricate something that requires no skill hoping that it is somehow musically interesting and that people will somehow see them as cool. I would not be surprised if you reviewed your own CD." - MikeK

C+C Music Factory, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"
Brooks & Dunn, "Boot Scootin' Boogie"
Rednex, "Cotton-Eye Joe"
The Oak Ridge Boys, "Elvira"
James Brown, "I Got You (I Feel Good)"
Lou Bega, "Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of...)"
David Iris and Craig F. McCaw, "Monster Rancher US Main Title Theme"
Koji Kondo, "Gerudo Valley Remix"
Daft Punk, "Around The World"
Phil Collins, "Another Day In Paradise"
Elton John, "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"
In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands in Congress.

video & stills by Steve Dotson of Svengali Studios.

Wow, Cat Jams is pretty cool. And you made it happen. Thank you so much. CK

8/06/2004 the gift that keeps on giving
In an act of couresy unprecedented by other, less efficient multinational music conglomerate legal departments, Polystar Japan, aka Cornelius' management, has granted permission to reprint the lyrics he penned for his remix of Digiki's 'Kitchentalk'. While knowing lyrics can sometimes paradoxically distance one from a loved song... well, rest assured, reading these only opened new doors of appreciation within my heart, not only for this track, but for human life.

original track post

Additional lyrics for Digki's 'Kitchentalk', as remixed by Cornelius. From the forthcoming remix compilation Animals Don't Care: People Cook Digiki.

CORNELIUS: Hello there. My name is Cornelius. I am an awesome remixer. I like to remix songs. I like to drink juice and poop my pants, and I like to do remixes. I'm going to do a remix now. It's for Digiki. This is the Cornelius 'Kitchentalk' remix. You're never going to guess what I do with it! I'm going to remix it now, right after pooping my pants, but I want to drink my juice first. Where is my juice? Where is my sippycup?

THE STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER: It's not time for your juice right now; it's time for your nap.

CORNELIUS: Where is my sippycup? No! Where is my sippycup?

THE STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER: Cornelius. No. You need to calm down, mister.

CORNELIUS: (screaming)

I can do this real good.

I use that note sequence in one of my own songs.

This is the part where the music gets all crazy. It gets all crazy.

Here's a part where the songs stops and then there are some birds that are singing. (static, birds chirping) I like the birds that sing real pretty. (static) It's over now.

MOMUS: Kitchen.

CORNELIUS: I have to go right now because I have to hang out with Super Mario. (while others talk) We're going to ride some monster trucks on the dunes, and I'm going to jump a dune. I'm going to go fifty feet in the air. Aah!

THE STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER: I'm sorry, Channing, but Cornelius is too retarded right now to pay you or the other PM remixers the 100,000 yen he owes you.

CHANNING: Hmm. Yeah, I see what you mean.

THE STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER: Really, it's not him, it's Polystar Japan.

CHANNING: Oh yeah, well, that's cool. Just keep me posted.





CORNELIUS: I pooped my pants aga-- I pooped my pants again.


In non-ridiculous news, here's Gregg's entry in that selfsame Digiki remix contest.

The Diet Soda Supertsars - 'mcis+paulyshore'

Bone appetit, duder!

8/05/2004 An incredible privilege
I can't really find the words to describe what an amazing thrill it is to be able to share this with you, so I won't even bother. Instead, when you listen to it, just close your eyes and know that you are sharing something special, something unique to being alive at this point in human history, and feel your soul being gently warmed.

Kitchentalk (Cornelius mix)

Thank you, Keigo Oyamada, for supassing all your prodigious remix achievements and giving this gift to the world.


8/04/2004 muy neko es en el bibliotheque
World-renowned international suprastar Digiki has finished his Cat Jams sampler mix, "Muy neko - a D!G!K! Cat Jams records megamix"! What is it with all these people actually getting things done? The 14-track, 36-minute mix is the second in the Cat jams Label sampler things that I haven't come up with a catchy name for yet. My plan with this one, like with James Harvey's, is to design some snazzy packaging and distribute it about town/demographic. And to post it online 4 u!

Supranational avant-pop interstars / unwitting Cat Jams signees Tanuki said they'll do the next in the series probably, and other potential remixers include Gregg Lewis (of Radish Wizard / the Diet Soda Supertsars fame), Jason Cafer (of KCOU 88.1 FM djing fame), John Fashion Flesh (of Super Madrigal Bros. / Momus reproducing fame), and Tokyo Fun Party (of PM Sessions / having some fuckin' awesome parties bro! fame). I think I still have to ask all of these people, but it's not like they have anything else to do.

More Digiki collaboration news: MC Cat Genius (aka Piccolo the cat) is contributing vocals to Digiki's 'Pancaked,' due to appear on Digiki's forthcoming limited edition Japanese tour cdr in August. Channing (me) is working with MC Cat Genius and with fiancee Sabrina's act Sarbochron on two separate entries in Digiki's Kitchen remix contest (still going on!). Gregg already has one and a half done as the Diet Soda Supertsars; I'll post what he lets me.

And not to make any waves, but I've come into possession of a Digiki remix contest entry by none other than Japanese avant-pop superstar Cornelius, who chose Piccolo's entry in his own remix contest last year. I may be able to post it, but I'll have to wait for word from Polystar japan's legal team, and we all know how they can be. (kinda busy)