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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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since 11/13/03 

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10/27/2004 delicious beets
I hope you will enjoy these delicious beats.

beats by DJ Chavez aka Rex exPow, using analog four-track and live playing:
"Timpani Beat"
"Boom Ckaka"
"Playing the Drumpad and Sweating"
beats by OBELISK aka Stephen Howard, new host of Shake 'Em On Down, using Hip-Hop E-Jay 2:
"Persuade a Lady to leap Upon Your Member From Above"
beats by James Harvey, aka James Harvey, using some actual software and unlicensed samples:
"shaun (test)"
"Your Sister's Def (instrumental)"
"Pancaking (bonus beats)"

The DJ Chavez beats are specifically for people to mess with and enjoy. Perhaps a "mix" (not a "re-mix") album can be assembled from any resulting collaborative tracks.
The OBELISK beats are to build hype for the forthcoming OBELISK Pancaked remix and eventual album. I guess it would have built hype better if I had put one up now, and the other later, or something. Well, he should make more than two tracks anyway.
The James Harvey beats are because James is at school and away from stable ftp service to host these fine tracks on his own site, and I thought they were so good and that you should hear them.

If you enjoyed these beats, let me hear y'all comment!! or send me some money!

more activity once the Maude Vintage Halloween madness is over.

10/20/2004 pancakasaurus rox
Rex (former Pows drummer) remixed Pancaked.

Digiki, "Pancaked feat. MC Cat Genius & Sarbochron (DJ Chavez's No Pancakes Mix)", 3:17 5.2m

featuring Rex on synth programming, live drums, and live synth scratching,
Gregg on mono simultrumpet.
and Channing on editing.

It is awesome.

original Pancaked post
James Harvey's Pac Man Fever remix post

Look for a Pancaked single soon, now that the final track is completed.

Also look for a Cat Jams vs Digiki remix compilation, three Cat Jams antimegamix cassettes, a new old Animal Family cassette, the RAVVEO))) enhanced double CD (disc 2 by John Fashion Flesh) (!), the debut album from Saber Tooth (Zach ex-Pow and Rex ex-Pow), and fresh beats from Rex (DJ Chavez) and new unwitting signee Stephen Howard (Stephen Howard).

and... POLYSTAR FINALLY PAID PICCOLO & ME FOR THE CORNELIUS PM REMIX!!!!! Wheee!!!! Only a year and a half later! A big thanks to Ricky Domen for fighting for us PM remixers, on and off the job. I would post a link to an mp3 of the remix, but unfortunately I don't have the rights to it anymore. But hey, at least I have money!

I'll post some more Rex beats soon for public use. I guess that means you, Mom & Antonin.

10/18/2004 cool jazz
Herein lay the latest and probably final Digiki Remix Contest Submission from the Cat Jams Label crew.

Lupin on the Moon, 2:42 4.0m

performed and recorded mostly live by

the Cat Jams High School Jazz Ensemble


Zach McLuckie, electric bass guitar
Rex McMurry, brushed drums
Channing Kennedy, vocals and live piano resequencing
Gregg Lewis, two trumpets at once

original song by Tracy Morgan.

concept by Sabrina Braden.

we hope you enjoy it.


I have some more good news but am awaiting an illustrative photo.

10/08/2004 it's weird that I'm posting on it
A new Cat Jams Remixing Digiki track has been completed! By me!

"You Should Comment On This (comments(1) mix)," Digiki vs. Animal Family feat. Digiki & MC Cat Genius, 5:47 8.7M


and only 8 days past the deadline!

also, Sabrina just made some good points about the earlier version, so here it is too.

"You Should Comment On This (comments(0) mix)," Digiki vs. Animal Family feat. Digiki, 4:36 6.9M

Digiki is combining everything in a Digiki-style antimix, so hopefully he will be able to create a superior hybrid version from the two.

10/07/2004 2000 voting statistics
Something I just figured out at the Maude Vintage site about the 2000 presidential election:

50460110 votes for Bush รท
281421906 U.S. residents =
17.93% of the total population voting for Bush. And his tax cuts only benefited 10%! Way to go, America!

Also, you should spend a majority of your money at Apop Records, stockers of Cat Jams releases and other equally silly minor investments.

10/05/2004 bonus beats
Here are the wackied up-ified midi files we used for the first two RAVVEO))) shows. I hope you enjoy them!

01Gonna_Make_You_Swe..> 05-Oct-2004 19:19 44k
02Boot_Scootin_Boogi..> 05-Oct-2004 19:19 75k
03cotton eye joe.mid 05-Oct-2004 19:19 41k
04elvira.mid 05-Oct-2004 19:20 39k
05I_Feel_Good.mid.mid 05-Oct-2004 19:20 18k
06Mambo No. 5.mid 05-Oct-2004 19:20 49k
07monster rancher Op..> 05-Oct-2004 19:20 14k
08gerudo valley remi..> 05-Oct-2004 19:19 39k
09around the world.mid 05-Oct-2004 19:19 72k
10anotherday in para..> 05-Oct-2004 19:20 37k
11Can_You_Feel_the_L..> 05-Oct-2004 19:19 34k

Also, I'm still working on finding a way to get the various Cat Jams videos online (possibly converting them to RealVideo), but in the meantime, here's the audio from the video postcard made by Blanche, Piccolo, myself et al and edited and subtitled by Takashi of Tokyo Fun Party for The Party Vol. 5, "PM Sessions," way the heck back in January.

"Blanche Interviews," 19:35, 27.9m

Photos (well, video stills courtesy of Svengali Studios' Steve Dodson) from the final Pows show are up at Comomusic here.

I wrote this article comparing avant-garde laptop musicians Momus and Cex. I wrote it kind of late at night.

What do you guys think about the Cat Jams label re-mixes being on cassette instead of on cdr? I'd have to check costs, but I think it might be fun.