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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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11/29/2004 remix Pancaked!
MAY 18, 2005: The Pancaked remix thing is closed. I'll do something with any yet-unsubmitted releases, and I'd really love to hear them, but they won't be on the discs. Release date is June 27th, 2005.

This is the official informational post about the song Pancaked; where it's from, where it's going, how it effects you.

the story behind the track
the plans for release of the remix compilation
the parts you should download and remix
the remixes submitted so far
the (lack of) rules for remix submissions
the lyrics

1. The story. "Pancaked" by Digiki feat. MC Cat Genius & Sarbochron is a collaboration between Digiki, aka Castellane, France's Antonin Gaultier (a human), and MC Cat Genius, aka Columbia, Missouri, USA's Piccolo Braden (a cat). Piccolo and Digiki met through Cornelius' Point album remix contest, and made plans to work together.

Several months later, Digiki provided Piccolo with a demo version of a song from his upcoming album -- the only demo to survive a firewire crash -- and asked Piccolo to contribute some rhymes to it. Piccolo altered the track slightly, fusing it with background noise and a misdownloaded version of itself. He then planned a vocal track in three parts.

The first part is Piccolo, inspired by a trip to the International House of Pancakes, telling the tale of how a dangerous culinary experiment caused a pancake to travel to a dimension of evil, a la Event Horizon, and, upon its return, to transform Piccolo into a similar pancake. He then describes the many wicked deeds his pancake form wreaks upon the Earth. The rap references a variety of terrible things, from movie concepts to lawn ornaments to celebrities to the track itself. Channing, Piccolo's owner and frequent collaborator, provides vocals for the chorus.

The second part is a rearranged and recontextualized rhyme by Young Freez, member of local Columbia R&B group A2Z. Channing and his fiancee, Sabrina, own Maude Vintage, a resale shop in downtown Columbia, and were visited one busy day by most of A2Z. The group introduced themselves after expressing some surprise at needing to, and when asked of their credentials, said "You know Ginuwine? Yeah? We worked with his lighting crew!" and made other, similar remarks. A2Z looked around for a while, complained about prices, mentioned how expensive their own clothes were, and tried on a lot of things in an impressively disorderly fashion. One of these things was a vintage '80s yellow elastic belt with a picture of Mickey Mouse on the yellow plastic buckle, priced modestly at $8; after A2Z left noisily, the belt failed to resurface from any of the piles of tried-on clothes. A2Z came down again a few days later, and knew nothing about a belt when asked. After some more tryings-on, they asked if we would sell them a black blazer separate of the rest of the $30 two-piece suit. Since we only sell suits as complete units, we refused. The blazer disappeared when the band did. Later, Channing was relating the incident to Jonathan of the I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous, who said that he had had high school choir with the founding members of the group, a couple of years ago.

A2Z's website (address graciously provided to Sabrina by the group on their first trip down) had a number of .wmv clips of the individual band members breakdancing in what appeared to be a sparsely decorated modular home, and one clip of Young Freez, aka Reggie, delivering a rap detailing his high-class lifestyle and proclaiming his status within Missouri (.wmv file). The next step seemed obvious. In all fairness, it should be pointed out that Reggie was not the guy that seemed to be doing all the complaining and shoplifting. But he was the only guy doing a rap.

The third part of the rap is Sabrina, aka Sarbochron, lambasting the group and their local-business-unfriendly ways.

2. Plans for release. Two different, complementary versions of the single will be released, one on Channing's Missouri, USA-based Cat Jams Label (on cdr), and one on Antonin's France-based Castellane label (also on cdr). Both releases will have the regular track and the standalone vocal track, while the karaoke version, original demo, remixes, and karaoke version of remixes will be divided up between the two. A version containing all tracks will also be produced for radio stations. All tracks will also be available for download from the Cat Jams Label website. EDIT 3/8/05: The new plan is for Cat Jams to release a double CD documenting all remixes and including one of a series of floppy diskettes with a lo-bitrate alternate/instrumental version of a remix; Castellane will release Digiki's nonstop megaantimix of his favorite moments from any and all remixes.

Though there is no official release date, March 2005 seems reasonable, so remixes should hopefully be in by February 15, 2005. Though we've both been known to occasionally be late with releases. EDIT 2/17/05: Jason Cafer is including Pancaked on Volume 2 of his local music compilation, which means it will be getting professional mastering treatment. The call for remixes will end when I get the mastered version back, which should be in about a month. I'll post a real date when I have one. And then the official release will be, uh released! See side links for details. EDIT 3/8/05: Wow, I got it back already! That was much faster than I expected. So the deadline is April 1, 2005. If you need little more time, just email me. EDIT 4/21/05: It's over when I put it out. EDIT 5/18/05: It's over. It'll be out 6/27/05.

3. The track and its parts. If you're interested in remixing Pancaked, or just want to hear what's been done so far, here is the track, the separated vocal and karaoke tracks, Digiki's original demo, and the remixes finished so far.

Digiki, "Pancaked (feat. MC Cat Genius, Sarbochron, and Channing Kennedy)" 2:54 4.4M
Pancaked (instrumental) 2:54 4.4M
Pancaked (vocal) 2:54 4.4M

Pancaked (original demo) 2:40 3.7M

The above tracks are at 120 bpm.

remixes so far (11/29/04):
James Harvey's Pac Man Fever remix, 4:29, 6.0M
James Harvey is an animation student, an accomplished avant-mashup artist, and accomplished weird guy from somewhere in the UK.
DJ Chavez' No Pancakes remix, 3:17, 5.2M
DJ Chavez is Rex McMurry, drummer for the Pows, Saber Tooth, and Chilam Balam, though he is thinking about changing his DJ name since finding out that there's a skateboard dude named that. On this track, Rex plays drums, bass, kids' sampling synthesizer, and synth turntable, and Gregg Lewis plays simultrumpet. Channing did some editing, but not very much, so it's all but live.
OBELISK remix, 3:48, 5.9M
OBELISK is Stephen Howard, Jason Cafer's replacement as host of Shake 'Em On Down on KCOU 88.1 FM, using Hiphop E-Jay 2.
Brotha Jinx, "Pancaked (Brotha Jinx's Pole Stripped Version," 2:44, 2.5m
DJ Hussain, "U Gotz Pancaked BITCH!" 4:15 6.6m (né Cooper Crain of Rodenburg/Warhammer 48K/One Inch Punch/Bin Laden Youth)
Aaron Little and Billy Stern, "Pancaked (Tennis anyone? mix)" 3:46 5.7m
AA, "Amused To Death Mix" 3:38 5.3m (AA and Aaron Little are the same person)
Mildred, "Pan Slam Coat Cake" 3:44 5.5m
the first remix ever by Tyler Kilgore, of comedy / KCOU / Korn fame
Jarrett Crader, "Waltzing Paincakes" 2:27 3.4m
the dude from Kingdom Flying Club / Lesch Nyhan Syndrome who doesn't play the keyboard
K-fer Tron 4000, "spongy Pancaked remix" 3:09 4.9m
Jason Cafer, former KCOU human monopoly, current KOPN DJ / local music archivist / aa Pepsie
OBELISK, "Pancakizzled (Foreal Obelisk Remix)" 3:35 5.5m
The second remix by OBELISK. Can you identify the popular "hipped-hopping" song it emulates?
Jon Sheffield, "Just Add Water" 4:12 3.9m
Jon Sheffield is a real guy! He has an album on Tomlab! I know him!
DJ John Jovi "I stuffed your sister's ass full of pancaked remixes" 9:01 13.2m
DJ John Jovi is Stephen Haslag from The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous / Warhammer 48K / Tittyfuck Jubilee.
The Marriage, "All Night Diner" 2:00 2.8m
The Marriage is Erik Moore, KCOU's Live Hour DJ and RAVVEO)))'s guhist.
Tiny Pants!, "Liz's mix" 2:31 4.0m
Tiny Pants! is Lance and Liz, local musical and romantic shreddin' two-piece. They also played the Pows at the Last Pows Show Ever.
Channing's Mom "Pancaked Remix Anagrams" 5:48 5.4m
Channing's Mom gave birth to him 24.5 years ago. You ought to buy her book.
Bitburger murders "midwestern hurricane" 3:21 1.6m
"bitburger murders contains x-members of fat cactus, kingdom flying club, and failing english" tho I don't know which ones. Feat. Ron Popeil.
Kawatory "Kawatorized Punkcaked" 4:22 6.1m
Kawatory puts the PM in PIMP
DRITT DRITTEL "Pancaked2(5MCs&1GUITARHYTHMIX)" 2:38 4.1m
DRITT DRITTEL puts the PM in Pemmican Carob Meal Pack... no wait, I do!
DJ Mr. E "Almost Waking up da Neighborhood at 10:32 PM (Cornelius remix)" 3:30 5.2m
(of the Rico Suave Revolution) AKA 16 year old Chris Boeckmann aka CEO, The Tape Store
Erik Moore "remix03" 2:14 3.2m
Erik Moore did that Marriage shit, same dude
Hiroaki Koshiba "BLUES WITH TAKAKI" 1:03 1.6
Al(tam)ex is the guy Erik references in his remix, he is a big drug-dealer
KoDream "PhaseNoiseProject-eggs,oil,flour,powder,milk(sore wanker mix)" 2:55 2.7m
KoDream makes music with little letters. Recently he had to buy one of each silverware item.
DJ Chienloup "pancaked (procastination makes the world go round mix)" 4:31 4.2m
a long time ago I thought this was a bit trite, but now I understand like I never could before.
christopherkurtkeener "pancakes?itsaprettymorninthinkifeelaheadachecominslice." 2:33 3.8m
Chris Keener is the dreamy one in Oh*Yeah, wait or is it ___________
Old Freeze "Pancaked Remix" 0:59 1.5m
Jeremy Freeze of Jerusalem & the Starbaskets always has a nice shirt

check back here for new remixes as they come in

Also, don't miss the video Ted Cianciosi made for Pancaked (OBELISK remix)!

4. Rules for submission. There are no rules. Do whatever you want. Everything received will be released. If at all possible, please also send an instrumental, karaoke track of your mix as well, also for release. It doesn't have to be an 'exact' instrumental version. And though there are no rules, I think some good guidelines for making a remix, especially of a rapping cat, are to A. take advantage of an opportunity for consequence-free experimentation and personal challenge, while letting your established strengths serve as a musical foundation, and B. have good basslines. So there's no confusion, I should point out that this is a non-paying gig, or at least non-money-paying (pumpkin pies will be gladly baked for those requiring them) (and of course you'll get a free copy of the cds then they're done).

Submissions may be emailed directly to Channing at catjams|at|catjams|dot|com.
I have also found YouSendIt to be an excellent resource for easily transmitting large files, such as those too large for your outgoing mail server.

If you've never done a remix, or music of any sort, before, I hope you will give it a shot now!

5. Lyrics.
PICCOLO Wrists. I was chilling at the ranch with Blanche and ranch dressing. I was giving it a chance on pancakes, and the next thing that I knew, my pancake had travelled to a dimension of goo and evil and it zapped me with goo. Now I'm an evil pancake too. I'm grayish and flat and square like a zero. I put fear of God into fairy-tale heros, like a buddy cop movie like Robert Deniro and a ferret who doesn't play by the rules either. Enjoy my selection of terrible syrups, because, boy, your complexion will finally clear up when my boysenberry burns off all your skin.
CHANNING For real.
PICCOLO I fly around the world causing deeds of doom. I leave weird smells when I leave a room. I say lame things, like a free balloon. I'm really crumby, so you need a broom. I have a burnt oily assy smell. My flavor's cursed, and I'm here to tell, like a Digiki track, I'm boring as hell; I'm okay at first, and then, bitch, I'm pancaking.
CHANNING The evil pancake can break all the rules; eating Fast Breaks, getting mad cake in your pool, bringing hamsteak to a clambake because it's cool.
PICCOLO: Like asbestos McFlurries.
YOUNG FREEZ: Who's the best in Missouri?
PICCOLO: Sometimes I miss being the genius cat with the pig statuettes with the seasonal hats, but it's over now, and the reason for that is the hubris I exhibited, so think about that. I was on Elimidate and never got eliminated, because the other chicks were lame and I shot them with lasers. The guy was okay; then his hotness degraded. I yelled at him, "Guess what, bitch, you're pancaking."
CHANNING The evil pancake.
PICCOLO Can break all the rules. I'm like Jake Gyllenhall -- no one cares what I do. Doesn't this sound like the music from Tekken 3, or "Like Whoa," by Mya?
YOUNG FREEZ Best. It's over now; that fake swallowed down that Cris. Make my Motorola blow up. They have; they wish. They money on the spot, three or four private yachts: that stuff to the ground. Now we're leaving the party in the Benz and the Jag.
SARBOCHRON Benz. That was A2Z, some local R&B kids. They worked with Ginuwine's lighting crew -- isn't that the shizz? Though they didn't come to my shop 'in the Jag and the Benz,' and they don't rap about shoplifting from local businesses. Boys, think of all of the plastic ladies Piccolo felt in your new yellow elastic '80s Mickey Mouse belt and the black blazer that we wouldn't split up from the pants. Then suck my dick. I hope you bitches learn to dance.
DIGIKI Yo, that's Digiki, yo.
PICCOLO You can microwave me tomorrow morning and I'll be very spongy.

official Upcoming Release post
I thought about doing that classy thing where you don't talk about upcoming projects until they're a sure thing, but my cravat and monocle are at the cleaners.

The Pows, "Greatest Hits" (or something) / an enhanced CD containing both Pows albums, all three Rodenburg compilation tracks, and some pictures-press-the memorial video I made (hence the 'enhanced' part), since I still have people coming into Maude asking for both or either of the albums.

Saber Tooth, debut / the new band from original Pows members Zach and Rex. The songs have already been written and recorded, and all the recordings have already been scrapped in favor of reworking and rerecording on different equipment, so things are moving along. I really like these sounds. I'll see if they'll let me post some demos.

Digiki feat. MC Cat Genius & Sarbochron, "Pancaked" split single / a joint two-part release between Cat Jams and Castellane (Digiki's cdr label out of France), featuring remixes by James Harvey, DJ Chavez (Rex of the Pows/Saber Tooth), OBELISK (Stephen Howard, host of KCOU's Shake 'Em On Down), Oh*Yeah, Squelette, Tanuki, Digiki, and as many other people as we can round up. It would be nice to release a hundred different remixes of the same song, and we plan to get as close as we can. An official information post to follow.

various vs Digiki / an unedited compilation of entries in Digiki's Kitchen remix contest by Cat Jams artists and associates, to serve as a companion to the soon-to-be-released official entrant-remix mix-set album, "Animals Don't Care: People Cook Digiki (D!G!K! Microwaves Back)" The Cat Jams release will be comprised of full version of included entries, as well as the many sparkling unchosen tracks, by Animal Family, the Diet Soda Superstars, fake Cornelius, Tanuki, James Harvey, and John Fashion Flesh, and possibly some of the original Kitchen versions, and even less possibly some live Digiki remix jams with his own material.

RAVVEO))), "HooRAVVEO))) for RAVVEO)))" / a two-disc enhanced-CD release, Disc 1 is the album that's up here on the site already. Disc 2 is the John Fashion Flesh remix set of the audio off the video of one of the performances that I sent to him. The 'enhanced' part will come in on one of the cds, in the form of photos, the Comomusic bbs discussion of the band's validity, the base midi files, all that. John is somewhat occupied with paying offers at present, I think, but I really want to put this out.

Several tracks by Cat jams artists will be contributing tracks and/or liner notes on Jason Cafer's Painfully Midwestern label's three-release, two-disc-each local Columbia music compilation series.

the Cat Jams megamix series that I still have to put out; sets by Digiki, James Harvey, Thee Pepsies, possibly Tanuki. Still debating on cassette vs. cdr and free vs. cheap.

MC Cat Genius will be appearing on at least two tracks on Castellane: Monsieur Darsh's Digiki-produced "Claque un Ollie," and Digiki's "Glitch My Cat."

new full-lengths from OBELISK, DJ Chavez, James Harvey. I also hope to put out a new album or two by Gregg (Radish Wizard) under his Diet Soda Supertsars and Entei monikers.

something on floppy disc!

I would like to out a drone album of holiday covers, as Whitesnake, possibly on Rodenburg.

Speaking of Rodenburg, Cooper said I could release the Bin Laden Youth album. Awesome!

The MC Cat Genius album is still planned, Hopefully the material will be a little more than planned when the Blue Ribbon show gets rescheduled.

The Buffalo Blanche album.

A yet-further-expanded re-re-reissue of the I Love You But I'm Not In Love With You's "Long Live Jimmy Tango".

I would like to construct a mix set of Pokémon soundtrack songs and beats.

T-shirts, desktop wallpaper.

It's going to be great!

11/24/2004 back
my computer works again! to celebrate, enjoy tasty "PANCAKED OBELISK REMIX". 3:48, 5.9

original post, links to the other remixes

Digiki and I have decided to collect as many Pancaked remixes as possible for the upcoming split single. If you are interested, let me know or just download the parts and enjoy yourself.

happy turkey day!

11/10/2004 sad mac
My computer is fucked up! Once I get it fixed, I'll post OBELISK's Pancaked remix, because it is awesome. And post more, and email you all.