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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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1/29/2005 let's sing our merry christmas
Hiro sent me the painting for the fourth (of five) Entei and Whitesnake tracks. Here is the track and the painting.

Entei & Whitesnake, "Utaou Bokura no Merry Christmas" 5:35 7.9m

Utaou Bokura no Merry Christmas 1024x768 503k

Some wangs calling themselves the "Simiens Crew" somehow hacked onto my server and replaced the index.html files of both my sites ( and with a long statement in Portuguese and a lame-ass picture of a dragon and a rose, and possibly a midi file or something. I mostly fixed it but WTF? I didn't even notice for a day because I usually skip straight to my main.html page. Here is the hacked version of my index pages.

That is what happened to my websites.

1/27/2005 kid vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (from bk)
Cat Jams presents its first ever music video!

Digiki feat. MC Cat Genius & Sarbochron, "Pancaked (OBELISK remix)"
Dir.: Ted Cianciosi (FACNation)

6.2m RealOne Player file click to auto-open in Real because I figured out how to do that
27.7m Quicktime .mp4 file paste this address into your Quicktime player for streaming-ish video

Look for this video in some form on the forthcoming Cat Jams DVD.

1/26/2005 last message from the harvey
James Harvey wants you to use his beets in your Bosnian dishes!

From: mastarofdisastar of
Subject: Present 4 U: Beats
Date: January 23, 2005 1:36:14 PM CST
To: catjams of

Hey CK

I have some things for you, which I have sent over three emails. First email is: free beats!! Each of these mp3s contain some beats that I've done. Please use them as you see fit and share with others. Explanations. chris rock.mp3 I made this track to annoy my housemate Chris. He says it's 'not music'. why does everybody have a bomb.mp3 You know how the Bomb Squad used to make 10 minute jams of random noise, and then within those ten minutes of chaos there'd be a 3-second loop that was usuable, and they'd use that for the Public Enemy track and throw the rest away? This is like one of those 10 minute jams. If you find anything usable in here, it's yours! f.mp3 This is the break from a cover version of 'Brazil' I have on a 12" called 'Sounds Exciting'. Second email is: more free beats!! Make Milk Jealous: self-explanatory. jhhatdayremix isn't actually beats, it's a final version of Save It For Hat Day I've had kicking around for ages. It's basically a tighter version of Your Sister's Def. Have I given you this already? Anyway, have.
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post show
We have:

two new Pancaked remixes!

OBELISK "Pancakizzled (Foreal Obelisk Remix)" 3:35 5.5m
The second remix by OBELISK. Can you identify the popular "hipped-hopping" song it emulates?

Jon Sheffield "Just Add Water Epic Club Mix" 4:12 3.9m
Jon Sheffield is a real guy! He has an album on Tomlab! I know him!

a new OBELISK track!

"Musical Abuse" 3:54 5.9m

two new tracks from the Entei & Whitesnake xmas album w/ accompanying paintings by Hiro Koshiba!

2. "Eyes On Me" 22:52 32.9m
EYES ON ME 1024x768 452k
3. "PART TWO" 12:55 19.4m
Loom Audio Drama Part Two 1024x768 456k

the ability to preorder Jason Cafer's local Columbia music compilation, featuring tracks by Swamp Fuck, Animal Family feat MC Cat Genius, the Pows, the I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous, and the usual Cat Jams / Rodenburg suspects amongst all the other fine local artists from part and present. So do it!

welcome to the big show
Hey, finally, a news post about the big show. Here are some video stills of the MC Cat Genius show by Gregg Lewis, and here is a really long review of the show by me.

Thanks very much to Blue Ribbon for inviting us up, especially Alex and Jacob! There was no way anything like it would have ever happened without their initiative. It was a privelege to play for cool artists and their art (as well as the lame artistes who left during the show). You might check the Blue Ribbon website for photos of the show in the days to come. I believe that Jacob will also be selling the remaining copies of the (Digiki/MC Cat Genius) (Cat Jams/Blue Ribbon) limited-run-of-35 Pancaked pre-single (first seven remixes) though their website. There are also two copies of it for sale at Maude Vintage.

Thanks again y'all!

1/20/2005 show!
this is tomorrow / tonight!

Fancy Feast
A group installation / performance

With Special guests:

Opening January 21
12th + Walnut (1130 Walnut)
Opening at 5:00pm
Performances from 9:30 to 12:00pm
click here for press release

1/17/2005 big update
three new Pancaked remixes!

Mildred, "Pan Slam Coat Cake" 3:44 5.5m
the first remix ever by Tyler Kilgore, of comedy / KCOU / Korn fame

Jarrett Crader, "Waltzing Paincakes" 2:27 3.4m
the dude from Kingdom Flying Club / Lesch Nyhan Syndrome who doesn't play the keyboard

K-fer Tron 4000, "spongy Pancaked remix" 3:09 4.9m
Jason Cafer, former KCOU human monopoly, current KOPN DJ / local music archivist / aa Pepsie

remix info / other remixes

a sneak peek at the prints Jacob Sharp of Blue Ribbon created for the MC Cat Genius PANCAKCED single (Blue Ribbon edition). Only 35 made, and only for sale at the show on the 21st! (barring leftovers) Incidentally, this is the first Cat Jams release not to use mailing labels in some way.

and Hiro completed an artwork for track one of the Entei & Whitesnake xmas album. Here's the image and the song. I'll upload the rest of the songs as the art is created.

Entei & Whitesnake, "I Keep My Home In My Heart" 5:24 8.3m
Hiroaki Koshiba, I keep my home in my heart 1024x768 556k

And Cat Jams is proud to announce its first human employee! Okay, he's an unpaid intern, but say hello to Aaron Arnoldy, a finance major at MU who is presumably looking forward completely disregarding his area of study while at Cat Jams. Already he has made a really terrible PowerPoint presentation for the MC Cat Genius show on the 21st. I'll see if I can get some pictures of him. I don't know, maybe he's like a vampire or something, I just glanced over his resumé. Hooray, an employee!

Blanche disappeared for several hours today and missed her veterinarian appointment 'by accident'. She came back though.

Also, my mom wrote a book about selkies! (link updated 1/27/05)

1/12/2005 media update
1. Another new remix, also from Aaron Little! This is like the polar opposite of complexity from his previous mix.

AA, "Amused To Death Mix" 3:38 5.3m

2. Here are some art pieces by Hiroaki Koshiba, our artistic collaborator on the upcoming Entei & Whitesnake Xmas release.

"for spring warmness with relief" 420k
"for delicious harmony" 257K
"for an image of Siberius music" 567k
Cornelius 016 324k

3. The release of jason Cafer's Painfully Midwestern local music compilation #1 is around the corner -- currently projected at March 1 -- and lucky people like you can preview the liners at the presser's site, at least temporarily (1/13/04 taken down, moved here). See all the nasty things I wrote about, well, mostly myself.

1/10/2005 actual deadline
If you want your Pancaked remix to be on the Blue Ribbon's limited edition "PANCAKCED" release (run of 35 silkscreened CD-Rs), then you should get it to me by 11:59 PM CST on Wednesday, January 12. You should also figure out how you want yourself and your mix listed, and then tell me. If you want to make some changes to your mix later and resubmit it for the regular release (happening in a couple of months or whenever I get all the good ones in), well, that is both fine and encouraged.

Oh yeah, a new and extremely soothing Pancaked remix, from Billy Stern and Aaron Little (of the Duckgurl and Chickenboy read-n-singalong book/cd fame). Check this shit out!

Aaron Little and Billy Stern, "Pancaked (Tennis anyone? mix)" 3:46 5.7m

upcoming releases that are actually upcoming
Release 1: Cat Jams Label has teamed up with Blue Ribbon Press to bring you a limited edition early pressing of Digiki/MC Cat Genius/Sarbochron's "Pancaked" single. The single will feature all remixes submitted up to the date of pressing (okay, burning), and maybe some enhanced-CD bonuses. For the first time in Cat Jams history, silkscreening will be involved in some way in the packaging most likely. This will be an extremely limited, numbered release available only at the 1/21 MC Cat Genius/RAVVEO)))/ULTAMAX show mentioned everywhere else on this site.

Release 2: Gregg (Radish Wizard) and Channing (MC Cat Genius), working as Entei and Whitesnake, have teamed up with Japanese painter Hiroaki Koshiba for a special Christmas-themed fake dronemetal release. The five-track, fifty-minute album of covers and reworks is comprised of songs from Pokémon, Digimon, Final Fantasy VIII, LOOM, and John Cage. All album artwork/packaging/visuo-tactile aspects will be determined and created by Hiro. The finished product, titled Christmas Illusion 2, is slated for release in February or March.

Release 3: Zach McLuckie and Rex McMurry, charter partners of former band the Pows, have teamed up to bring Cat Jams a hot new album as their new duo, Sabertooth. This album is mostly done, and, dare I say it, is awesome.

What I'm posting here is a track from the original album of demos; it's very, very different from the finished product, but it stands on its own very well, will give you a little insight into their new direction, and will leave you surprised by the album material.

Sabertooth, "Piper (demo)" 4:15 6.1m

click it