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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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5/25/2005 two and a half years later
the store is up

thanks Aaron

5/20/2005 who wants the rest of my paid membership
I paid 2 euros to this site so I could download and sample a certain Flonase commercial (for this Fat Boys cover in a part where we couldn't understand the words). The membership is good until June 9th, so if anyone or everyone wants to download any Burger King commercials to round out their collection, it's:
user: catjams
pass: oohusher


who wants the last pancaked
Jeremy Freeze of Jerusalem and the Starbaskets does.

Old Freeze "Pancaked Remix" 0:59 1.5m

5/18/2005 NEW SHOW
9:30 PM


music by


releases of

OBELISK Hot Beats / Cool Treats
TAPE STORE debut cassette
& morE!

hiro vs. channing
Channing Kennedy, coolsong.mp3 1:36 2.4m


12:57 Jam session with Mr.Channing Kennedy

I painted one picture influenced from Channing Kennedy's latest music.
I think this is the new style of session between music and painting.

The sound is splashing like a hard rain.
However,this is so pop, so comlicated and colorful composition.

Line is living,and black is so tight in the sheet.
It's the same what tie is to the jacket.

Anyway,thank you for the music !

コメント コメントを書く


steady claquin'
a new track MC Cat Genius

MC Cat Genius has contributed a guest rap to the upcoming Darsh album Concrete. The album is being produced by terrible Franch producer Digiki, who previously collaborated with Piccolo (that's MC Cat Genius) on the smash summer hit Pancaked and who tapped Piccolo for this project.

Concrete's overall mission statement is 'fake futurism, avant gangsta', and this track in particular, 'Claque un Ollie' (score an ollie), is ostensibly a tribute to skateboarding in general and Tony Hawk Pro Skater in specific. Piccolo takes the act of contributing a guest rap and turns it around, handing in a series of searing disses against Darsh for his poor roommate etiquette. The rhymes are rife with Kool Keith references, but they also act within Concrete's preexisting internal mythology (Darsh's claim to have paid for a dolphin in cash in 'CASH'), as well as outlining Piccolo's usual misunderstanding/superunderstanding of the world around him, this time concentrating on French music, culture, and stereotypes.

In keeping with the previous Darsh singles from this album, Digiki is first offering the raw materials for the track on his blog for open third-party 'premixing,' to be followed in a week or two by the real track and a couple of bonuses.

'Claque un Ollie' premix post

And here are Piccolo's lyrics. I may install hyperlinks at some point.


I'm a cat with his own crib - in isolation
I used to have a roommate but it was too much of a fucking sticky wictuation
when I used to have one
a total asswipe signing Monsieur Darsh on his bouncing checks
what's next
do you even know your real name Erik? Ereek?
How about my pair of Brazilian counterfeit Playaz carpenter shorts did you wear it? it reeks
sitting on my god damn kitchen floor for six weeks and more what a bore
playing me your one mp3 'Le Freak C'est Chic' as performed by Korn ad infinitum ad astra ad nauseum
implausibly wearing striped shirts and berets and stretch pants and cigarette holders
it's just for show you don't even light 'em
being a real baguette master.
with a new loaf of stupid bread every day
Leaving my dopeass limited edition Criterion Collection Miss Congeniality 2 DVD disc 4 fabulous side down in the kitchen
if your fucking used snail shells scratched it I'll be mad bitchin.
I'm fixing a real fancy feast for dinner, mixing two different home P'Zone mixes with added yeast and pizzaz
you already ate you're a beast.
You best release my complementary Pizza Hut Playstation demo disc from your butt cheeks' weak clench and pee stench
so I can play some Torny Hawk Pro Skater after a long day of teaching graduate courses at Lasagna Institute
Yes I said Torny Hawk suck my thorny jockchirac
you grok me webmaster?
go roll a yahtzee and other wack follies while I claque ollies,
falling down in the warehouse watching the blood spew,
pretending it's you and laughing
bad things happen in my highlight reel
so how does it make you feel?
to be at the paws of a true pain bringer
while I check a phat track by Goldfinger.
Here I am, growing older all the time Eric Ker, I'm wearing fur as you're sweating
is the heat too high? I'm growing boners in my mind as I think of you jetting.
You're just another fake futurist playing Pro Skater 'cause they don't make amateur ones
I'm-a damage your buns like when they said I set a bunch of people in a patisserie on fire
my shit needs to be admired
yeah... That's very unfortunate... how about that
making a wack payment out to 'Hey Man'
do you even know my name man?
do you recall reminiscingly when your mom was introdissing me,
warning me about your allergy to bacon
and other ham-based products such as Canadian bacon?
you may be mistaken
all the France equivalent of bacobits you be taking be makin your brain as crazy as a craisin
Hey is he insasin'
like Rayman's left shoe zoomin' through a giant messy placin'
I'm unimpressed with your grooming
you made a mess with my cumin I mean c'mon dieude
fifty-five percent of France said non to EU
the hog fruit got your constitution quakin
do you need a rumen?
you're like a metaphorical baby I'm shakin'
Like my dog Morimoto, I get real raw in your face
Restauranteur Artist Warrior in your face
Best avant de whatever is is you said you are face
Digiki assured me you had read the dolphin care manual I helped you pick out at Dolphin Depot
I should have known never to listen to such a boring-ass horsemeat eater though
now I been looking at Gerard Depardolphin floating upside down, fucking up my indoor-outdoor saltwater aquarium for a whole goddamn weekend
his cyborg parts still speakin post mortem, translating escaped gasses into cat languages
freaking me out in my signature bathrobe
Fuck both your wack asses
my day begins
listening to you make lame passes at my ladyfriends
let them enjoy their nutritionally customized kibble in peace
nobody gives a fuck about your trivial feats, leaving totally fake posts on Momus' guestbook
I'm about to make my own gravy all over your wack flipflop collection
listening to you in the bathroom dribblin' pee on my fly burgundy seat
paid for by my hot cassingle
I don't know why you cant just use the human-size toilet
I can't even believe how unresponsible you are, it is insane
feel the pain Romain
I got your name wrong earlier
sorry about that
your mom
gave you bacon 'cause you lied saying I had okayed it
Then you ate half a side and your eyes went all vacant
Now you're back on medication cause your ass couldn't take it
You're intolerant to ham, be a man and just face it
I made a pot pie from the rest your bacon
Oh you mad? I thought that you'd be happy I made it
The pie was okay, but the potness degraded
when you left the oven on and it melted my ladle an irreplaceable
Wolfgang Puck edition
that he customized for my style of kitchen
you're bitching about your condition,
saying you need a ramp
fuck a ramp
fuck your fake futurism
why don't you travel into a fake avant gangsta future
and bring me back a replacement deodorant stone.
ca fait vingt mille ans que tu rappes et t'as toujours pas de contrat
je suis la, ass
your activities are so poorly conveyed
why don't you know how to budget?
let's do this!

OBELISK tracklisting
artist: OBELISK
album: Hot Beats / Cool Treats
projected release date: Monday, June 27 2005 @ Ragtag
notes: Stephen Howard, new host of KCOU's Shake 'Em On Down, + Hiphop E-Jay 2, $10 at Circuit City

intro 0:57 1.4m
Tonite 2:42 4.1m
Aviators 2:05 3.1m
Hot Beats, Cool Treats 1:35 2.5m
Clap Your Things 3:06 4.7m
Musical Abuse 3:54 5.9m
obefiller 2 1:40 2.6m
Persuade a lady to leap upon your member from above 3:49 5.6m
obefiller 3 0:25 0.6m
Tomato Sabre 3:17 5.0m
obefiller 1 1:00 1.6m
Static Guard 2:43 4.2m
My Nuts! feat. MC Cat Genius (Fat Boys cover) 2:55 4.5m
Pimp My Chinese Dragon Train 3:54 5.8m
outro 1:45 2.7m

Static Guard (James Harvey's Cold Static mix) 5:20 5.9m
excerpt of Castro Catastrophe's last-place performance at Jefferson Junior High's 2005 Battle of the Bands 2:46 4.1m

root directory

pancaked closed!
Cat Jams is no longer officially accepting Pancaked remixes. The track order has been determined and will be posted eventually. Any Pancaked remixes after this point will be deemed 'bootlegs' and I still want to hear them.

I've switched over to Blogger in-house comments. They should be searchable with the rest of Cat Jams with the search bar <--- before too long. I cut and pasted all your previous comments for posterity.

5/17/2005 Sabertooth & Pows reviews... graphically, because these publications aren't online
from the Truman Monitor, the unofficial student newspaper from my alma dropouter in Kirksville, MO:

from The Trouble With Normal, the only local Columbia music zine, now in its 12th year of Stigallship:

5/13/2005 arthur was awesome
that is to say, the Kinks concept album Arthur, or the decline and fall of the British empire adapted into a rock opera and brought to life by Christy Lemaster, John Gilbreth, and a truly fearsome committee of the brightest minds of Columbia's extremely bright-minded music community. I am still recovering. Plus the costumer is hot.

assorted news:

thanks to Large Hearted Boy for the linkage out of nowhere! I wish the mp3s page had been updated in the eighteen months.

I'm adding a 'Play Current Page' link to the sidebar. Webjay is amazing!

the OBELISK and Pancaked tracklistings have been finalized (but how would you disprove me). Look for them and more to be released at Ragtag on Monday, June 13, very probably. The OBELISK book-albums will be available for public customization at the Maude Vintage Grand Opening on Friday, May 20.

I do believe a new MC Cat Genius guest rap will drop over on Digiki's blog very soon.

There's more but I'll wait.

5/08/2005 rock rock on
Here is James Harvey's OBELISK remix.

OBELISK "Static Guard (James Harvey's Cold Static mix)" 5:20 5.9M

Upcoming simultaneous releases for early June:

Obelisk (full-length w/ remixes and celebrity cameos, packaged in carved-out random books)
MC Cat Genius Pancaked megasingle (2 black cd-rs with themed packaging & bonus floppy)
Tape Store (full-length cassette release by Mr. E ous new aural collage signee)
Cat Jams vs. Kitchen (unused Cat Jams entires in Digiki's Kitchen remix contest)
Cat Jams label samplers at long last (cassette, by Digiki, James Harvey, Thee Pepsies)
Tanuki (retrospective)
& more, lets clear the buffer! ah man I turned into Digiki, watch me put a space before my exclamation point ! ah ah umm no

at least that's the plan!

reviews of Sabertooth came out in the Truman Monitor (kirksville) and The Trouble WIth Normal, but they're both print only. My neighbor's scanner is mysterious or I would have posted them already.

happy mother's day, Mom HA GOT YOU
And if the opposite of progress is Congress (see: Gallagher), then the opposite of conspiracy is prospiracy, not to be confused with a perspiracy (everything came about through hard work) or prosperacy (everything worked out great). 'Nobody was involved' would be an aspiracy -- or maybe that's what one hopes will happen -- or an anspiracy? Yeah. Antispiracy would mean that whatever came about, it was through the efforts of everyone working against it happening.

I don't know what 'prospiracy' means; I kind of painted myself into a corner with that one.