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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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11/30/2005 it worked!
it basically worked. There's a lot of dead links, I'm sure, and a lot of images and such that I'm still hotlinking from the server, so I'm not 100% independent yet. Also, the search engine isn't working now -- myabe it'll reindex through the night or something. I think I'm gonna put some ads on the site too and make it looks extra ugly while generating no income. Chris left a comment on one of the test posts and it got deleted. Please update your site feed info (ha ha) -- the new xml feed is

Re: Chris's deleted question: I could really use an Applescript or something that removes the spaces and other non-alphanumeric characters from the filenames of mp3s. The servers don't like non-alphanumeric characters, save the old standards like _ and -. I'd like to find something that replaces all the non-alphanumeric characters with _ and truncates them. Or I guess I could make Chris do it. (Not really)

seeya soon
Okay, so I'm about to try to transition the site from the server to the server. So it'll probably look weird for several hours. After a while, check to see how it went.

11/27/2005 hi Erik, hi Stephen, hi Antonin
Thanks for the Gmail invites, everybody. When I sign up I'll let you know the new address so it can start getting spam.

Gregg's birthday party will NOT be at Osaka tonight. It may very well be at Chuck E. Cheese's on Monday, though.

Okay, here's the plan for Cat Jams.

- All the discrete albums, physically released or otherwise (but not the album Discrete) will be hosted on, the free non-profit internet library. This will also be where the videos and live show recordings end up. This will make them much easier to find, and they'll in theory be around forever, with or without me around to be their custodian. Any leftover audio or other tidbits will be hosted on the server space. All the links may or may not be updated eventually.

- Since Cat Jams is powered by Blogger, I believe I can just click a button and all the posts and archives will be instantly moved over to a free Blogger account, i.e. "". I might lose the template I worked so hard on but whatever. Any parts of the website that aren't posts already (there aren't many) can be posted and thus archived. Even the Paypal store can be turned into a post, since the buttons are all prescripted, or it can be hosted on the Maude space. All a Paypal store really is is long button scripts, which can go anywhere.

- I also believe that I can use's $7 deal to make "" redirect to the free Blogger page -- which would be the entire website, stay with me here -- and I can even save a few of the email addresses, either making them into POP accounts or having them redirect elsewhere, like a Gmail account.

- I still intend to release releases, and promote them, but I really hate trying to satisfy other, unknown people, like CD reviewers and local music fans -- I think it makes my work very bland and middling -- so I'm stopping. Look for a significant drop in guitar music and a significant return to terrible music.

There are other outlets in Columbia and the world for ideas that are good. My heart, and the heart of Cat Jams, lies elsewhere.

11/24/2005 Hi Chris, hi Mom
Hi. I'm busy. And I find myself wondering why I'm paying $160/year for people on Norwegian XBox messageboards to hotlink to that one photo of my beard (see below). If you want an update so bad, perhaps you'd like to put some links or other mentions of Cat Jams-collective-related news in the comments of this post. Here, I'll start you off.

the Move article about Sabertooth (link). the Comomusic comp review (link). Warhammer 48K featured at Aquarius Records (link). I've been commissioned by Toog for a secret project (link to Toog's LiveJournal). Gregg Lewis of Radish Wizard / RAVVEO))) / Swamp Fuck / Entei & Whitesnake is turning 27 on the 28th of this month, and we hope to celebrate at Osaka's in the karaoke room on perhaps that Sunday since I believe they are closed on Mondays (link to something).

Hiroaki Koshiba, the Japanese painter from the Entei & Whitesnake VHS, will be in Columbia for two weeks starting Christmas Eve; he'll have a gallery showing at Ragtag for the month of January, and on January 6 at Ragtag, he and Jerusalem & the Star Baskets will do another live collaboration, this time in person instead of through a live internet video connection. Hiro will also play music before the show (link to Hiro's website, Entei & Whitesnake post-show post and store listing) I hope to release a new J&tSB/HK release at this show too. I also hope that more than twelve people will show up despite the absence from the bill of a hilarious cat who says 'shit'.

Jerusalem & the Star Baskets have an interview up at Whiskey & Apples (link). I cancelled a Miami Dragons superstar DJ mix project I had planned, because do it your damn self (link). Former journalists Austin Ray and Jay Kirby have blogs (link). The Umbros exist (link to Stephen's Comomusic show review, or a Google-archived version). Dritt Drittel, can I say anything about that thing yet (link). The Marriage played a show (link). Digiki has three Polypunks out now and his new album is almost done, and he's eventually putting out a Darsh remix album featuring Jon Sheffield, James Harvey, Miami Dragons, AA, and OBELISK, unless I've thus jinxed it (linkxz). In case it isn't obvious, Cat Jams still has that opening for an intern (link). Tape Store is doing a Cat Jams podcassette series and he got the first one done but I have to get around to posting it, and he also did a video or my birthday that I never got to show anywhere, and he's also working on a new animated documentary type thing that I don't know if it's a secret or not (link to something). He also did some other new tracks that I thought were really good, and the footage someone shot of the Battle of the Bands is on CAT3 now (link). 14-year-old primitive techno artist Bob Dynamite is signed to Cat Jams and has music up in her directory (link); she also completed the four alternate packaging designed for the Rodenburg 2CD reissue (link to her deviantart account), and since I'm out of money and energy maybe Cooper and Dustin will take over releasing that and promoting it (link). If not I'll just not release the stupid thing and scan the artwork and post it because it's really good. DJ Chienloup is doing a secret project or two for me (link to squelette). I'm doing something with Dzima (link to Dzima something). I gave away (happily) $40 worth of DVD-Rs of the Cave / Miami Dragons thing I threw together, and everyone liked the preset iDVD menu that I checked a box for, more so than the Miami Dragons memorial video collage that I spent a month on (link to the folly of man). At least two people used the exact phrase "You've really outdone yourself on this one!" in reference to the preset menu screen. The RAVVEO))) directory has been getting a lot of hits because people think that it's real songs (see: 'Carnival'). A couple of Xanga people have been using Pows songs for site background music, but they seem to be doing this because they like the Pows, so I really don't mind (link to not minding). Luke has excellent taste in shoes and jackets (link). The /jamesharvey folder has disappeared and I don't know why and I hope to replace it very soon because I like James Harvey's music more than most; plus his website is down. I tried somewhat hard to get Sabertooth reviewed in places, and all that resulted was an awesome bad review on Funprox (link), the first review of any Cat Jams release not by someone I know personally. I guess there was the Sabertooth review in the Maneater, but I probably actually know that guy without realizing it. Sabertooth also got a good review in Lumpen, by my friend Rotten Milk (link to that folly of man site you found). I am hence convinced of the futility of A. selling new releases with no promotion (like before), but also now B. promoting said new releases, C. ever even trying to not totally lose money on anything Cat Jams does ever, and D. Cat Jams. Let me know if you want DVD-Rs of any local live shows that I filmed and I'll hand them to you at Maude (link) and if you want to give me a buck then that is OK. The light of my life is several states away to see her mum for a while, and Piccolo and Blanche and Doom and I miss her very much.

Bob Dynamite
MC Cat Genius
Jerusalem & the Star Baskets with Hiroaki Koshiba

Here are some pictures I received for my 25th birthday, back on September 3.

from Hiroaki Koshiba (link)

from Takashi Otagiri (link)

from Aurelien Estager (link)

from Chris Boeckmann (link) ("This is what life is like at Grove City College according to their website...")

Okay, get to work on those links, and add anything I forgot. Don't forget to also promote your Seven Mary Three cover band's upcoming show at the Blue Fugue with a link to your MySpace Bands page. I'll just be over here overdrafting my bank account by a hundred dollars so white supremacist haxorz can continue being disappointed that it's not the real version of "Another Day In Paradise". MAYBE I SHOULD MOVE ALL THE MUSIC OVER TO ARCHIVE.ORG, TURN THE SITE INTO A FREE .BLOGSPOT ACCOUNT, AND FIND THE CHEAPEST POSSIBLE DOMAIN REGISTRATION-REDIRECTION SERVICE AND ALSO SOMEHOW KEEP THE EMAIL ADDRESSES. COULD ANYBODY OFFER ME ANY ADVICE ON THE LAST TWO THINGS THERE. I GUESS IT'S REALLY THE EMAIL ADDRESS THING THAT STOPS ME FROM DITCHIN' IT ALL.


That list of bands up there is ones that have new Cat Jams releases on the semi-immediate horizon. But I'd be fine with NOT releasing them too. I don't think it would really make a difference to anybody in the entire world. Maybe I'd get them together and just listen to them myself. You know, just cut to the chase and skip all the 'releasing' and 'talking' rigamarole and admit who my target audience is really comprised solely of (me).

New questions:
1. is there anything on the Cat Jams site that you'd miss?
2. can someone give me a Gmail invite?
3. What's the cheapest way that I can have the domain name just redirect to a free .Blogspot account? Could I even do it for free somehow with a bunch of terrible ads? That would be fine.