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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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9/14/2006 enycee

Channing Kennedy (that's me) will be in New York City from October 8 to October 12. I'll be visiting my friend Hiroaki Koshiba, the Yokohama-based performance painter who did a series of live collaborations with Jerusalem & the Starbaskets here in Columbia at the beginning of this year; Hiro will be in NYC for most of the month because he has a gallery showing at Monkdogz Urban Art ( from the 5th to the 28th.

So basically we're two out-of-towners visiting New York City, with very little prior experience in the city and an unenviable wield of the English language between us. Of the people who are reading this, I ask: what is there to do in New York? (that's cheap or free) Do you live there? Would you like to hang out/meet/get reacquainted/jump on a bed? We're both markedly handsome, with dazzling conversation skills, and one of us showers regularly (it's Hiro). Can you tip us off to any cool shows, parties, shops, cafes, galleries, bookstores, museums, hot babes, etc? Can you suggest places to avoid? Any input, however scant and self-contradicting, is appreciated.

Also, Hiro is looking for a space and a musician for a live painting performance. Any help on that front is also greatly appreciated.

- Channing

9/02/2006 I am 26 years old now
end of 1996 by Barbara Walsh
Channing Blackhair

end of 2005 by Hiroaki Koshiba