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Cat Jams Label releases appear at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, the Peace Nook, Whizz Records, Ragtag CinemaCafe, Slackers, and Apop Records, and the on-campus University Bookstore in downtown Columbia, Missouri, as well as the Slackers in Jefferson City.

Cat Jams Label releases are in format at Columbia radio stations KCOU 88.1 FM and KOPN 89.5 FM.

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1/15/2007 tour dates!
from No-sword:


Those who study the past too closely are doomed to repeat it

T. and I went down to Mishima this weekend, to eat eels and immerse ourselves in hot water. We also dropped by the Sano Museum to see their exhibit about the new Genji Monogatari picture scroll recreation -- re-enactment, really, given the focus on original methods, tints and tools.

You can get a general idea of the principle by comparing OKADA Motoshi's recreation of the second Suzumushi picture to the original (via Arthur Choi's handy page). Obviously a lot depends on how the images are lit, digitized, and stored, but you can see that Okada's has already lost that shibui, atmospheric feeling that is the very foundation of the appeal of these images to us today.

And Okada's is apparently one of the recreation industry's more subdued styles. The "Heisei recreation", of which no individual piece dates from before the late 1990s, and which is based on the very latest scholarship and investigation, is garish beyond belief. I found the greens especially jarring and ugly. If you saw this stuff in a gift shop, you would assume it was an ultra-cheap knock-off, unfit even to shine the metaphorical boots of the browned, crumbly original -- and yet, the people who commissioned that original, who thought it so appealing and cared for it so well that it survives to this day, delighted in precisely that repulsive shade of aqua.

Lesson: if you revere ancient art to the extent that you come to attach as much importance to the accidents of time and wear as you do to its actual content, do not ever attempt to recreate the original as the ancients themselves saw it. You will only be disappointed.

from Toog:

lundi, janvier 15, 2007

In the past you had mainstream culture, indie culture (which was an ironic position for auteurs), underground culture. I see the future of western culture with no indie culture. You only have industrial culture and a new genre of underground, which has nothing to do with contestation anymore, contestation meaning 'dialog'. There is no dialog possible between these two remaining categories. This future underground is a new word for art. A place where the art is very pure, poor and detached. So if you're not strong enough for art nor commercial oriented, there is no indie rubber ring anymore. Art or industry: you decide. (Be careful: sometimes industry is picking the abandonned indie outfits, wears it and pretends that it's still alive.)

from me:

tour dates for OBELISK & MC Cat Genius / Umbros Midwest Spring Break TourK7, as they currently stand:

Thursday, March 22 -- Columbia MO
Friday, March 23 -- Madison WI
Saturday, March 24 -- Milwaukee WI
Sunday, March 25 -- Chicago IL
Monday, March 26 -- Chicago IL -- Permanent Records instore
Tuesday, March 27 -- Chicago IL -- at the Red-I Lounge w/ DJ Rotten Milk
Wednesday, March 28 -โ€“ Minneapolis MN
Thursday, March 29 -โ€“ Iowa City IA
Friday, March 30 -- Kansas City MO or Lawrence, KS
Saturday, March 31 -- Lawrence KS -- instore at Wild Man Vintage
Sunday, April 1 -โ€“ Columbia MO

venues tba

helpful map

1/12/2007 You'll never wiez in this town again :(
Let me try to think about what's been happening. Um...

Okay, OBELISK & MC Cat Genius have a MurdochSpace (ha ha) page now. It features a full discography, a breakdown of the duo's approach to music and performance, and lots of cute cat photos and cute pilot photos.
This is to facilitate their upcoming Spring Break tour with sister band Umbros, which is coming up during the last week and two weekends of March (22-31 or so).
This will be OBELISK & MC Cat Genius' first tour!
Cities to hit include, but are not limited to, and may not include: STL, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Miowa no Iowa City, Kirksville (my alma dropouter!), Lawrence, maybe KC, all that jazz. I'm trying to convince the other guys that we won't make any money anyway, so we should just play really stupid terrible non-venues, like the KCI airport luggage carousel.

There's lots of new stuff on the Cat Jams YouTube page and more new stuff on the way. Just go look at it, it's hilarious and moving!

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Jackin' Pop year-end music critic page
, case u were wondering

Toog is keeping tabs on reviews of the Cagesan album.